Bitlayer Mining Gala Event Is Officially Launched, Airdropping $24 Million Tokens

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Monday, May 27, 2024 at 2:57pm UTC

Bitlayer Mining Gala Event Is Officially Launched, Airdropping $24 Million Tokens

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SINGAPORE, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 27th, Bitlayer, the first Bitcoin Layer 2 solution based on the BitVM paradigm, officially launched the Mining Gala Event in collaboration with seven ecological projects: Lorenzo, Bitsmiley, Avalon, Bitcow, Pell, Enzo, and Bitparty. This event offers users $24.35 million valued tokens and more other generous rewards.

Important Date

The event lasts for two weeks: from May 27th to June 10th.


The rewards for this event are composed of two parts:

  • Exclusive Airdrop for the Mining Gala: The seven hosting projects will provide users with tokens worth more than $24.35 million. Most tokens are expected to complete a Token Generation Event (TGE) within 1-2 months.
  • Bitlayer Dapp Leaderboard Competition Airdrop: The projects have committed to distributing 100% of the Bitlayer Gems they received from the Bitlayer Dapp Leaderboard Competition to users. After the competition ends, users who have interacted with any of the projects will be able to exchange the obtained Bitlayer Gems for Bitlayer tokens (BTR) at a certain ratio after the TGE.
How to Participate?

Users can log into the exclusive event page of Bitlayer's Mining Gala Event and complete the corresponding tasks according to the process.

  • Bitlayer Mining Gala Event Page (the page link is here: ): Based on the interaction tasks set by the projects, as long as users engage in various on-chain interactions such as providing liquidity, creating a new trading pair, and staking or borrowing assets, they can obtain the corresponding project's airdrop eligibility according to the rules, and participate in the distribution of the corresponding prize pool. In addition, after completing at least one task set by a single project and sharing it with their friends, users can mint for free the exclusive Bitlayer Mining Gala Pioneer Badge corresponding to the project.
  • People's Launchpad Event Page (the page link is here: ): Some projects will set interaction tasks on this platform. As long as users complete the corresponding tasks, such as following social media accounts, inviting new users, and engaging in various specified on-chain interactions, they can participate in the distribution of the corresponding prize pool.

Must-See Tutorials

As the Mining Gala officially launches, users can participate in the token airdrop distribution provided by seven projects by participating in on-chain activities. Here are the preparations users need to make before participating in this event:

1. Bitlayer supports flash swap for users, allowing for a quick exchange of USDT-ERC20/TRC20 to BTC on Bitlayer. For detailed instructions, please visit here:

2. For users who want to bridge BTC and ETH to Bitlayer, please use a third-party bridge to conduct this process. For specific instructions, please visit here:

3. For users who have more than $50,000 funds, it is recommended to use the official tool to bridge BTC to Bitlayer. For detailed instructions, you can visit here:

Additionally, if you want to check more tutorials on how to participate in each project during this event, please visit this link:

About Bitlayer

Bitlayer is the first Bitcoin Layer 2 solution based on the BitVM paradigm. Bitlayer's core objective is to address the trade-off between security (trustlessness) and Turing completeness in BTC layer 2 through cryptographic innovations and blockchain protocol engineering.

Bitlayer is committed to becoming the computation layer for Bitcoin, aiming to introduce ultra-scalability to Bitcoin while inheriting its security, providing users with a high-throughput, low-cost transaction experience.

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