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Marketing has evolved from simple word of mouth to the intricate strategies of an ad campaign, and as such, can be the most influential factor in the success of any business. Ads today have to be both really good and highly strategic to prompt people to take the intended action. Businesses today sometimes struggle to truly maximize the potential of advertising because typical corporate leadership often does not understand what it takes to truly shine in contemporary marketing. Digital marketing is a modern, multifaceted skill set that is available from top advertising agencies. Following are three important reasons why marketing efforts fail, says bloomfield knoble,  the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winner for best advertising agencies in Irving, Texas.

Poorly Defined Target Audience

Who is the target audience? The target audience is a set of people who are likely to be interested in and will potentially buy your product(s) or service(s). Reaching your desired audience is the goal of marketing. There’s no point in bringing your product to the attention of people who aren’t interested. Finding your target customer is of prime importance in the art of selling. Many factors can influence who your target audience will be, and exactly which factors are included will likely change from one business situation to the next. These factors can include gender, income, location, interests, age, employment, education, buying history and more.

Lack Of Skill In Tracking, Documenting And Analyzing The Results

“A disturbing survey conducted by ITSMA and Vision Edge shows that 74% of marketers cannot correctly measure or report the impact of their efforts on their clients’ businesses.” Business leaders today may have difficulty finding the full potential of modern advertising themselves. In digital marketing, the opportunity to track all your activities can lead to a gold mine of data. Analyzing this data could reveal answers as it provides performance history, demographics of regular customers and so on. Properly interpreting the analytic results allows us to reach our best, most interested audience.

Wrong Platform Selection

Like the target audience, the target platform is also an important choice to make. Each platform has its own characteristics and features that make it a hub for people of a similar mindset. For instance, even though Facebook has a vast number of the world’s population as its users, it is used by senior audiences more than younger people. Instagram is an entertainment platform filled with people of younger generations. Twitter has its own intellectual audience, LinkedIn is solely a community of business people and so on. Advertising randomly without knowledge and strategy leads to loss of money and lack of results.

Common obstacles to success in marketing are: the lack of process, personal service, quality and support, as well as the lack of focus on brand promotion. Such issues are readily handled by coordinating with an advertising agency that has the expertise to produce the desired results. Bloomfield Knoble can be the digital powerhouse you need for your business to expand.

Why Is Bloomfield Knoble The Best Pick For Digital Growth?

The wide range of technical services available from bloomfield knoble includes social media optimization (SMO), search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization, advertising, video production, web design, brand strategy, data mining, machine learning, motion graphics, market research, site intercept research, programmatic, copywriting, campaign creative and more.

The firm was recently awarded “Best Advertising Agency” by ThreeBestRated® as a result of their special 50-point analysis. Upon receiving the honor, the bk team commented, “We continue to provide best-in-class service by empowering all our people to employ their skills and experiences to the best of their ability. ThreeBestRated® has provided strong reinforcement to national and local clients of our commitment to excellence. Our next focus is on the bottom line and producing better outcomes and experiences for our clients and their customers.”

bloomfield knoble is a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in Irving, Texas. The company provides effective solutions, cross-media production services and strategic initiatives to grow your business globally. It is a diverse team of individuals with significant industry experience. They have developed a layered approach to continually integrate content and design to provide a consistent brand message to the consumer. Their best-in-class service and bottom-line approach drive true partnerships with clients, more than 25 years of success and an average client tenure of more than seven years. bloomfield knoble offers fully integrated and innovative strategies across multiple media (online and offline) for total campaign efficiency and success accountability.

To grow your business, contact  bloomfield knoble at   (214) 893-1171 or

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